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Free eBook: Sex Love and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer.
30+ Pages of Frequently Asked Questions About Sex After Prostate Cancer Both Men and Their Partners Want Answered.

Whether you are a prostate cancer survivor or a partner, this book will provide you with important information concerning how to overcome intimacy and relationship problems, treatments for erectile problems, sexual and psychological health, and much more.

Sex Love and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer covers such topics as:

  • Preparing yourself for sexual recovery before prostate cancer treatment
  • The benefits of getting specialist advice
  • Preparing for sex after Prostate Cancer. Resuming sexual intimacy
  • Overcoming problems in re-establishing your sex lives: What to do if either of you are not ready.
  • Strategies for handling fear and anxiety.
  • How to incorporate treatments for erectile dysfunction into lovemaking.
  • Treatments for erectile problems: What to do if and when things don't go to plan
  • What to do if treatments don't appear to be working.
  • What to do if you experience negative reactions to treatments.
  • Injection treatments: What to do if you're scared to self inject.
  • Partner support information:
  • How to talk about resurrecting your sex lives after treatment.
  • How to play a part in treatment selection.
  • Advice for seeking help from a sexual health practitioner

PATRICKAbout the author:


For close to two decades, Patrick Lumbroso has provided counselling support to clients throughout Australia.

His primary focus is in the area of sex psychology, most notably in helping men and their partners overcome sexual, psychological and relationship challenges that follow treatment for prostate cancer.

In 2012, he published a research paper that investigating the factors that affect the adoption of and compliance with Post-Prostatectomy Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

In 2013, he was offered a doctoral research place by the University of Sydney in order to continue his research into psych-sexual adjustment in prostate cancer survivors and their partners.

He currently treats clients for sexual and relationship issues both within the Sydney practice and throughout Australia via Skype.

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Patrick Lumbroso, Penile Vibration Therapy for penile rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment

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Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer
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